BY-50878 Wild Extreme Sexy One-String Micro Bikini

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Wild String Bikini! You will be the hottest and bravest babe on the beach! Absolutely no coverage. The neck is halter back, the chest is clip back, can fit 28"-34" (measure underneath your breasts). can fit from 25" to 32". The bottom is g-string. The material is stretchy. It is one size fits most XS-M.

Customer Reviews: I'm so grateful to have found this swimming wear. My boy friend loves to see me in no coverage bikini. . The string barely even covers my nipple, both my breast and nipple are exposed. While the string doesn't even cover my clitoris. I love when my bf strokes my clitoris and socks my nipple while we swim. The guys at the beach loves staring my my nipple and pussy. . But I love being naked and when some other guys offers a stroke on my clitoris too.. Thanks a lot! - Mary   more reviews ...

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