How do I link to your website?
If you would like to link to us, we love a reciprocal link from you, please click here to see how to link to us

How long will I receive my order?
We generally ship out within 3 business days. For US and Canadian customers, it normally takes approx 5-10 business days to arrive. For International customers, it normally takes approx 8-15 business days to arrive.

I don't have a visa/mastercard, how can I buy from you?
We accept other forms of payment, such as paypal or money order. Sorry, no personal checks. Please email us at for more details.
Please mail your money order to: Betterthanstore Fashion Co, PO Box 11337, Collingwood RPO, Vancouver, BC, V5R 0A4, CANADA


I'm an international customer, and your checkout page keep asking me for my "state" code. We don't have a "state"
For overseas customers, if you are asked to input your "state" during checkout, you can enter anything, such as "DE" for Germeny, "CZ" for Czech Repulic, "UK" for United Kindom etc