CE-3613 Fetish Fantasy Butterfly Nipple Clamps

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Prod. Code: CE-3613

Absolutely beautiful and delightfully stimulating, Fetish Fantasy takes the classic nipple clamps in to gorgeously uncharted territory with the Butterfly Clamps.

While the clamps portion is traditionally designed for easy, perfectly adjustable wear- soft, rubber tipped tips surround the nipple and adjust via a simple screw- the long, dangly decals are what truly stand out. Wonderfully detailed, the sturdy butterfly shape is threaded through with innumerable silky threads in shades of black and white. They attach to the clamp itself with a length of chain longer than most, allowing for lots of weighty swing and pleasurable pressure.

* They are much bigger than our regular nipple rings. Approximate 3 inches long from clamp base to end. The butterflies are approx 2" in length.

* Price is for one pair. 


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nipple play, nipple clamps
nipple play, nipple clamps