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SkinBikini Mesh Mini Bandeau Top - Sheer G-string Bikini

img_3779-4 sent us this ultra sexy sheer bikini to review. This is an excellent piece and our first Bandeau top review! We’re very impressed with the softness of it and needless to say this bikini breathes more than any we’ve reviewed so far. If you live in hot climates this one is a must. It’s “one size fits all” so it’s an easy buy. It also comes in a variety of colors. You can get it or any skinbikini item for 10% off using the coupon code: BikiniHelp Generously provided by the folks at Skinbikini! Read our full review inside this post.
The bottom is a G-string. It gives you about 5 1/2inches of coverage from the top of the triangle to the bottom. At its widest the triangle measures about 3 1/2 inches. The stitching is superb. You could wear it reversed if you want since the inside looks pretty much the same as the outside.

The straps are non-adjustable and at a fixed length. The straps are held together by transparent plastic rings.

The mesh fabric passed our scratch test and proved to be very resilient. It did not fray nor tear after being scratched against a metal ruler. Excellent. The mesh fabric and the straps are also very stretchy. When stretched a bit we noticed the fabric grew slightly to 3 3/4 inches from our previous 3 1/2inch measurement. So keep that in mind. Although wearing a see-thru bikini loose or lower on the hips than intended can give you a relaxed playful look if that’s what you’re going for.

This is the inside of the bottom.

The fabric was soft to the touch. No sharp edges so it should be very comfortable to wear.

The ouside of the bottom. Simple and beautiful.

This bikini comes as a set. The g-thong and the bandeau top (tube top). Both are sheer and made from the same fabric.

The top obviously has more fabric and it feels ultra soft in larger quantities :> We loved the breathability of it. It seems to always feel cooler than room-temperature. Being see-thru you’ll have you chest on display for all to admire. Women with implants or large chests should have a lot of fun with this.
The top is about 14 1/2inches wide when laid out as pictured and measured from side to side.

It gives skin color or anything behind it a nice bluish tint. Similar to tanning oil, the bluish tint will highlight muscles and curves and make them look more pronounced. If you’re curvy this is an excellent way to share your physique with everyone around you.

Needless to say we really loved the top.

The top, unlike the bottom, has a small skinbikini tag on the inside of the back.

It does seem to be removable but we recommend securely holding the strap before prying it loose. We know that some women might want to be tag-free when they lay in the sand.

The top is really beautiful. We hope SkinBikini comes out with an entire line of bandeau tops, big and tiny in the future since this is really a great one.


We really liked this bikini. It’s ultra comfortable, breathes and it’s incredibly soft. Highly recommended for hot climates. It might stretch so we recommend going easy on it (like with all stretchy thin bikinis).
Surprisingly it’s very inexpensive.