M-0051 Men's See-thru G-string Pouch "Speaks by itself"

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The pouch in the picture is stuffed to show you the effect. We use the same mesh material as the women's on the men's bikini / pouch. They more see-thru. The material is very stretchy and the waist is adjustable. The more sheer it becomes the more it gets stretched! It basically speaks by itself, doesn't it?!

Customer Reviews: My girlfriend recently purchased the M-0051 for me to wear in Cancun. I am 13" in length and didnt think it would work. "it did"! The feel of the material constantly carressed my cock keeping me hard for the majority of the time. You should have seen the women stare. I had so many asked where to buy their male friends this type of suit. Just a great feel down the entire length of my shaft keeping me aroused. I highly recommend this to all!!more reviews ...