M-0706 Sexy Fishnet Men's Brazilian Bikini Reversible

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Who would have thought that a women's brazilian bikini would look so sexy on a man. We use the same mesh material as the women's on the men's bikini. They are as see-thru as the women's. The material is very stretchy. The more it gets stretched the more sheer it becomes!

Whether you want S-L or L-XXL depends on if you want a little bit bigger triangle as it is side-tie. You can also reverse it and make it a thong style, ie, a big triangle in front, and a small one at the back.

Photo courtesy of our customer Alex from Europe while he was vacationing in Grand Canaria. Alex is wearing the size L-XXL, ie, bigger triangles.


Customer Reviews: Just recieved your sexy red mens brazillian fishnet bikini. Wow what a hot little suit. Can't wait to debut this little number on my favorite beach. Will be ordering more for sure. KM from Canada more reviews ...


Customer Reviews: I am a young,well built and endowed man, and my wife bought swimsuits for us. She bought me the Brazilian Bikini/Thong Reversible S-L in white. Although I was concerned about wearing my bikini at our public swimming pool, I agreed per her request. I received a lot of attention and felt a little uncomfortable, so I got into the pool. After getting out of the pool, I appeared totally and completely exposed. Women and men checked me out wet. After a bit, I felt really comfortable. Men and women asked me where I bought my swimming suit, and my wife told. Now that the staff at our public pool is used to seeing me in my bikini, I now wear the small triangle in front and the large triangle over my butt. I now prefer the small triangle in the front as my balls and cock are not really covered as only the head of my cock is covered. Men, women and kids walk by and regularly and check me out which I now really enjoy. I love being completely exposed as does my wife. It turns her on, so I look forward to more revealing swimwear to wear at our public pool. At first I wore a towel over my bikini on the walk to our pool, but now I only wear my bikini fully exposed walking to the pool which feels great. My bikini is so comfortable and gives me full exposure yet support. My wife and I will be ordering my sexy swimwear soon. Thank you so much. AL from USA more reviews ...

Customer Reviews: 

1) Its pretty small, stretchy but small - I’m a middle age dude and don't exactly have the Adonis body (don’t judge me) and I’m wearing the L-XXL and you’ll have to decide where you want the most fabric because if you pull a little more for the front, you get a little less on the back and vice-versa.

2) Your manhood will poke through the fishnet no matter which way you wear it - just keep that in mind.

3) I tried it both ways, Brazilian back and thong back both work and liked the way it looked for both but I thought the thong back was a little more comfortable - you’re baring it all anyway so what does it matter? - I included photos of both - The first 4 photos are Brazilian back, the last 4 photos are thong back.

4) If you’re well endowed, this will be a tight fit - and a close shave is highly recommended.

5) The longer I wore it, the more it stretched so the fit got better as I moved but keep in mind that this is going to be a sunbathing on the beach or by the pool, wading in shallow waves and lounging suit because it’ll come off if you’re going to be playing in the big waves!

By JG from USA