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Linda is wearing

BY-4101 Floral See-Thru Mini G-String Side-Tie Bikini

Below is what Linda would like to tell our viewers:

I am Linda, a 53 yr. old MILF and I have worked hard to keep myself in good shape. I’m proud of my figure for my age.

"A few years ago much to my surprise, my husband bought me a skimpy Skin Bikini that was almost sheer when wet.  I was very reluctant to wear it at first publicly at the beach but after lots of encouragement from my husband finally consented to wear it one day at the beach.

The positive flattering comments that I received from men at the beach was thrilling and I soon got over any hesitation to wear these bikinis in public. My husband has continued to buy me various skimpy bikinis--totally sheer ones and thong one too."

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